Borland Developer Studio 2006 - Delphi personality.

Borland Developer Studio 2006 (BDS 2006) was an important upgrade to BDS 2005. The new version finally integrated C++Builder to the Galileo IDE. The Studio now includes Delphi 2006 (Win32), Delphi 2006 (.Net), C++Builder 2006 and C#Builder 2006 personalities in Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. It was released in December, 2005.

It was universally considered much more stable than previous BDS versions. It also started faster, and improved even more after the service packs and more than a dozen hotfixes.

Books about Delphi 2006[edit | edit source]

see full article: Delphi Books

Known issues[edit | edit source]

BDS 2005/2006 and IE7[edit | edit source]

You need to apply a small registry update, see BDS and IE7.

Start Page on Windows 2003[edit | edit source]

  • BDS 2006 Start Page and Windows 2003
  • Solutions (any will solve the problem):
  1. Lower Internet Explorer Security settings to medium at most.
  2. Add bds:/default.htm to the Local Intranet site list.
  3. Add the Start Page to the list of known Trusted Sites.

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