Delphi Programming

Codegear's CodeCentral is a repository with lots of interesting and helpfull "stuff".

It includes Source Code, Libraries, IDE wizards for all Borland products.

Some pointers:

IDE Wizards[]

Delphi 7 help for BDS expert
This is an expert for BDS 2005 or 2006 to open the Delphi 7 help (or any other help file) when pressing Ctrl-F1, Shift-F1 or Alt-F1. This is for all those who complain about the BDS help.
Automatically insert TODO's for uncompleted methods
New command in the Delphi IDE to automatically insert TODO's for each empty block (begin/end, try/finally, etc. with no statements enclosed).
Open Delphi source files as read-only
IDE notifier to automatically mark edit buffers of $(DELPHI)\Source files as read-only when opened in the IDE - equivalent of checking the "Read Only" item in the source editor popup menu.
DelSight v1.5 - IDE Internal Component Browser
DelSight is a design time package for Delphi that lets you browse the structure and properties of internal components used by the IDE. This tool is intended for Open Tools API developers who need to know the names, class types, and property values of the IDE's internal objects to add functionality to the IDE. DelSight has only been tested using Delphi 7. Since the Source code is included, feel free to compile and try it with older versions of Delphi. (works also with BDS 2006 --Dummzeuch 20:38, 5 August 2006 (UTC))
Scripting the Delphi Editor
This snippet has an OTA which allows VBScript scripts to run and manipulate the Delphi editor selection, plus a simple automation-compatible TStrings. (This has got a lot of potential, but I don't like the scripting language it uses (VBScript), maybe somebody can convert it to use something else like Delphi Web Script? --Dummzeuch 21:27, 5 August 2006 (UTC))


CCPack Version for Delphi 5 Version for Delphi 6-2007
Custom Containers Pack (CCPack) is an integrated tool and component mini-library to produce and maintain composite controls (or simply "composites") and other containers (forms, data modules and frames). The process of building composite components looks like ActiveForm and Frame creating, but the result is the native VCL component. You can create new composites just as usual forms.


a simple command line parser based on a state machine

Live Templates[]


commandline tool to increment the build number of a delphi project and generate a .rc file