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The CompilerVersion constant identifies the internal version number of the Delphi compiler. It is defined in the System unit and may be referenced either in code just as any other constant.

Technical Comments[]

The CompilerVersion constant was introduced in Delphi 6 along with conditional expressions. In earlier Delphi versions various compiler defined VERxxx symbols are used to determine compiler versions.

CompilerVersion values and the equivalent compiler defined symbols for the Delphi versions in which the CompilerVersion constant is defined are:

Compiler CompilerVersion

Defined Symbol

Delphi 11.0 Alexandria 35 VER350
Delphi 10.4 Sydney 34 VER340
Delphi 10.3 Rio 33 VER330
Delphi 10.2 Tokyo 32 VER320
Delphi 10.1 Berlin 31 VER310
Delphi 10 Seattle 30 VER300
Delphi XE8 29 VER290
Delphi XE7 28 VER280
Delphi XE6 27 VER270
AppMethod 1 26.5 VER265
Delphi XE5 26 VER260
Delphi XE4 25 VER250
Delphi XE3 24 VER240
Delphi XE2 23 VER230
Delphi XE 22 VER220
Delphi 2010 21 VER210
Delphi 2009 20 VER200
Delphi 2007 .NET 19 VER190
Delphi 2007 18.5 VER185 (also VER180)
Delphi 2006 18 VER180
Delphi 2005 17 VER170
Delphi 8 .NET 16 VER160
Delphi 7 15 VER150
Delphi 6 14 VER140
Delphi 5 13(*) VER130
Delphi 4 12(*) VER120
Delphi 3 10(*) VER100
Delphi 2 9(*) VER90
Delphi 1 8(*) VER80

(*) These versions did not have a CompilerVersion constant, it was introduced with Delphi 6.


if CompilerVersion = 20 then
  sCompilerName := 'Delphi 2009';

or in conditional compiler expressions:

{$if CompilerVersion > 18}
  // Delphi 2007 or later

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