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  • Reviewer: User:Kevinbe
  • Rating: 4 out of 5
  • Review Date: August 7, 2005 (updated September 27, 2006)

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Copernic Desktop search (CDS) is a very capable desktop search engine. I compared it to 3 other products: Yahoo Desktop Search (YDS), Google Desktop Search (GDS), and Windows Desktop Search (WDS). Copernic Desktop search was the winner (based on my own requirements). For most Delphi developers CDS will probably be the most useful- by default it comes configured to search Delphi files (none of the other products did). It handles searching of text, Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, etc.), and other common formats, as well as e-mails and images too. It is also capable of searching Mozilla Mail folders. The current version (2.0) now supports searching inside ZIP archives that was a glaring omission in prior releases.

CDS has a clean, crisp GUI that gives it a professional feel and allows anyone to pick it fairly quickly. It is one of the few desktop search engines that uses its own user interface (rather than being browser-hosted), which avoids all the annoying limitations of the latter.

Only one gotcha... you must configure it to avoid indexing all Mozilla mail (Thunderbird) folders. I doubt that most users will want to index all newsgroup postings etc.

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