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This article was a preview about Delphi 2006. For the released product see Borland Studio 2006

DeXter was the code name for Borland Developer Studio 2006. This product was marketed as Borland C++Builder 2006, Borland C#Builder 2006, and Borland Delphi 2006. Subsequent releases of Delphi will probably be marketed only as Borland Developer Studio xxxx.

As news becomes available about DeXter information will be added here.

NOTE: Just because a feature is/has been listed here doesn't mean it will appear in the next version of Delphi. This information is obtained from Borland presentations or audiocasts and hasn't necessary been committed to by Borland.

Features in Borland Developer Studio 2006[]

  • Win32 C++Builder integrated in Delphi IDE.
  • Personality-switching capability (referred to in the Delphi 2005 Quantity audiocast that can be heard at,1410,33102,00.html). Think of this as being similar to Jed's DCM tool but with better preservation of settings when switching between personalities/configurations.
  • A better Memory Manager. Danny Thorpe stated in the 24 Hours of Delphi that there definitely will be a new memory manager. When asked directly "Will there be a new memory manager in DeXter," he replied directly with "Yes."
  • The return of the remote debugger (Win32). It may also be possible that .NET will be supported with the remote debugging as well. Steve Trefethen mentioned that Borland is currently working on this in the newsgroups. However, no one from Borland has confirmed that this will definitely be in DeXter.

Features that may be in Borland Developer Studio 2006[]

  • Better Compact Framework support. NOTE: In the 24 Hours of Delphi BDN radio broadcasts it was mentioned that the CF framework support in DeXter will be an updated preview compiler (i.e. more recent than the version that is now available for Delhpi 2005). It was also stated that the CF form designer will come in a later Delphi release, but Highlander wasn't mentioned.

Features that may not be in Borland Developer Studio 2006[]

  • .NET 2.0 support - this is probably as a result of Microsoft's delays in releasing .NET 2.0. Speculation: Borland would want to get DeXter out with improved Compact Framework support etc. without being tied to Microsoft's release schedule. See Highlander for more information on this.

Features that won't be in Borland Developer Studio 2006[]

Full Win32 VCL support for Unicode. QC #3166 ( 
has been changed to a "fixed/closed" status in DeXter but this refers to the IDE changes 
that were made to better support Unicode. Steve Trefethen clarified this.

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