Delphi Programming
File extension Type Delphi Version Description Keep in Source Control?
.adt ? Rad Studio 2010 enterprise and newer QA Audit set file, the stored settings for a QA audit xx  
.bdsdeploy ?    Deployment file  
.bdsgroup text/xml Delphi BDS 2006 and earlier BDS Project Group, combines several projects into a group. Only put under source control if you actually use that feature. Maybe
.bdsproj text/xml Delphi BDS 2006 and earlier Borland Developer Studio Project File. Successor of the .dof file holding compiler options etc. Also used for opening a project. Yes
.bpg text Delphi 7 and older Borland Project Group, combines several projects into a group. Only put under source control if you actually use that feature. Maybe
.bpl Binary Delphi 4 and newer Borland Package Library. DLL including VCL components available for use in the Delphi environment at design time or by applications at run time. Maybe
.cbk Other   Temporary Backup File. No
.cfg text Delphi 7 and older

Project ConfigurationFile. The Delphi IDE (up to Version 7) automatically creates this file from the settings in the .DOF file. It is only used by the command line compiler. See command line compilation .

.config Config files contain project option information and build logic. Each project has a .config file.
.d text Output of the project unit dependencies. This is generated by checking the "Output unit dependency information" compile option or passing "-depends" dcc32.exe.
.dcl binary Delphi Component Library
.dcp Binary   Delphi Component Package. Contains symbol information for code compiled into a package. Used if building with runtime packages. Maybe
.dcpil Binary   Delphi Compiler Symbolic Information. The purpose of a .DCPIL file is to provide symbolic information to the compiler about certain language constructs that can't be reconstituted from CLR metadata alone. This is a traditional Delphi technique for handling and caching compiler symbols. Maybe
.dcr Resource   Delphi Component Resource File. Contains resource information for components, such as the icon to display in the palette. Yes
.dcu Binary Win32 Delphi Compiled Unit File. Maybe
.dcuil Binary .NET Delphi Compiled Unit File Maybe
.ddp Other Delphi 7 and older Delphi Diagram Portfolio File. Used by the diagram editor. Maybe
.dfm binary or text   Delphi Win32 Form File. A file listing the various objects and their property values contained within a form, including such things as form control coordinates. Right click on the form and select View as Text from the pop-up menu to view this file. Manual alterations to this file may prevent the IDE from being able to load the form. Use the Environment Options dialog to specify which format to use for newly created forms. The text format is recommended as it better supports source control. Yes
.dof text Delphi 7 and older Delphi Project Options File. Text file containing project options (such as compiler and linker settings, version info, search path and output directories). Yes (but beware: It might contain absolute paths)
.dpc ?   Delphi Package Collection  
.dpk text Delphi Package Project Yes
.dpkw text    Delphi Package Project for Windows (Never seen in the wild) Yes
.dpl Binary Delphi 3 and older Delphi Package Library. Superseded by .bpl in later Delphi versions. Maybe
.dpr text All Delphi versions Delphi Project File. The main file for any project. Contains the source code of the main file for a Delphi project. It is the primary entry point for the executable and refers to the other source files in the project. Do not delete. Yes
.dproj text/xml Delphi 2007 and newer Delphi Project File for the native compiler. Contains the current settings for project options, such as compiler and linker settings, directories, conditional directives, and command-line parameters. Set these options using Project > Options. Replaces bdsproj file. Yes (but beware: It might contain absolute paths)
.drc text   Resource String File. Contains resource string information. Can be deleted; will be regenerated from source code by compiler. No
.dres Delphi compiled resource file.
.dsk text   Delphi Desktop File. Contains information about the IDE desktop settings, including which files are open and the position of windows. No
.dsm Binary Delphi 6? Browser Symbol information from the last successful compile. Enviroment -> Preferences -> Desktop contents. No
.dst File used to save the desktop speed setting as set in the IDE toolbar desktop combo box. These files are stored in [users]\[username]\appdata\Roaming\[Borland/Codegear/Embarcadero]\BDS\[version] directory since Delphi 2007 and in the [Delphi install dir]\bin directory for older versions.
.groupproj text/xml Delphi 2007 and newer Project Group File. Replaces .bdsgroup file. Yes
.identcache Binary   Temporary Cache File created by refactoring engine to improve performance. No
.int text Interface part of Unit not shipped with source, typically in $(Delphi)\doc
.local text/xml Delphi 2005 and newer User-specific project options. When using Starteam projects it will contain overrides to settings from the .bdsproj file. No
.map text   The optional error map file will contain a list of error addresses and source line numbers, grouped together for each source file in the application. To create a detailed .map file, ensure the {D+} compiler directive is set, and the "Detailed Map File" option selected in the Project >Options>Linker page of the IDE. No
.mts QA Metrics set file Rad Studio 2010 enterprise or newer The stored settings for QA metric
.nfm Resource Delphi 8.0 or newer Delphi .NET Form File. Yes
.pas Source   Delphi Unit Source File. Yes
.proj     Codegear RAD Studio project. Yes
.res Binary   Binary. Resource File. Binary file associated with a project containing resource definitions, such as strings, icons, images etc.This file will be recreated by the IDE when loading a project but the icon will get lost in that process. Therefore you should either keep it in source control or find another way to create it. Yes
.resources Binary A binary resource file that can be embedded in a runtime executable.
.rsm Binary Remote Debugging Symbols file. Remote debugging enables you to debug one or more applications on a remote machine when the IDE is running only on your local machine. RSM files can be generated in Delphi 7.0 under Project Options -> Linker -> Include remote debug symbols Maybe
.tlb Binary Type library.
.todo The project to-do list.
.tvsconfig text/xml Modeling configuration file.
txvpck, txvcls Information for model diagram.
.vlb text/ini Visual Live Bindings Yes