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Delphi for PHP.

Delphi for PHP is CodeGear's first IDE for interpreted languages. It's a RAD environment that runs in Windows that produces standard-compliant PHP code. It was made by Qadram and includes dozens of components, even for AJAX and access to databases (MySQL and InterBase). It also uses the VCL for PHP open source framework. Delphi for PHP needs at least PHP 5 (5.2+ recommended).

Delphi for PHP Update 1[]

Released May 7, 2007, it fixes:

  • Fix to the IDE to ensure correct storage of UTF-8 strings in the .xml.php
  • Fix to VCL for PHP to parse .xml.php in UTF-8 mode
  • Save Project As... fixed (QC 43580)
  • Updated sourcecode documentation for the VCL
  • Fixed problem with PHP 5.2.1. The Input Filter extension is out of beta and function for filter data was changed to a new name, so Input object now takes that into account (QC 43607)
  • Fixed problem with vcl-bin folder. The alias is set to be a root alias, making it easier to configure on deployment
  • Added global var to specify if properties are html_decoded when read from the .xml.php
  • Corrected support phone list .txt file

It can be downloaded at Delphi for PHP Registered User Downloads page.

Delphi for PHP Update 2[]

Released August 28, 2007

  • version is
  • updated version on the VCL for PHP
  • updated InterBase client library
  • improved documentation
  • and many bug fixes

available at Delphi for PHP Registered User Downloads page.

Delphi for PHP 2.0[]

Released May 3, 2008

  • version is
  • Templated forms designer
  • Improved code editor, source code formatting
  • Internationalisation
  • Improved HTML integration and editing
  • PHP profiler, call stack, inline syntax highlighter
  • new product features and video

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