Delphi Programming

Nick Hodges, the Delphi Product Manager, mentioned several times the benefits of newer Delphi versions compared with Delphi 6/Delphi 7 (the most used pre-dotnet versions). The following list shows most of the enhancements, ordered by category first, then alphabetically:

Compiler and Language Features Since Delphi 7[]

  • Generics
  • Anonymous methods
  • Enhanced RTTI
  • Attributes
  • Records with methods
  • for in loop
  • final methods
  • Inlining
  • Operator overloading
  • sealed methods
  • strict private
  • strict protected

Related to Classes[]

  • Nested classes
  • Class helpers
  • Class constructors and destructors
  • Static class methods

IDE Features Since Delphi 7[]

  • IDE Insight -- fast access to almost anything in the IDE with a few keystrokes
  • Delphi and C++ class browsers
  • MSBuild Engine Support
  • Audits and Metrics
  • Block Completion
  • Code Formatter
  • Build Configuration Management
  • Editor Line Numbers
  • Flexible docking IDE
  • Integrated management for Windows resources
  • UML Modeling
  • Integrated File Browser
  • History Tab
  • Improved Debugging
  • Integrated Unit Testing
  • Line Change indicators
  • Live Templates
  • Modeling (Class and UML)
  • Refactoring
  • SyncEdit
  • Searchable Tool Palette
  • VCL Designer Guidelines
  • Improved bookmarks

VCL and RTL Features Since Delphi 7[]

  • Complete support throughout for Unicode
  • Gesturing support
  • Touch Keyboard and Touch NumPad
  • TWICImage class supports Windows Imaging Component library
  • TImage support for TIFF and PNG
  • VCL applications are themed by default
  • Support for Aero Interface including glassing
  • Support for Vista file dialogs and Task Dialog
  • Pure VCL Ribbon Controls implementation
  • AlignWithMargins
  • Fastcode replacements for a number of RTL functions
  • Intellimouse support
  • Margin/Padding values in VCL
  • TButtonGroup
  • TCategoryButtons
  • TDockTabSet
  • TFlowPanel
  • TGridPanel
  • TTrayIcon
  • TCategoryPanelGroup
  • TButtonedEdit
  • TLinkLabel
  • TBallonHint
  • Theming support for all TGrid descendents
  • SnapBuffer/ScreenSnap properties
  • TIcon support for Alphachanneling

New Debugger Features Since Delphi 7[]

  • Name your threads for easy debugging
  • Freeze/thaw specific threads
  • Set breakpoints to break only on specific threads
  • Choose specific threads to debug
  • Debugger Visualizers let you write plug-ins to view any data type
    • Includes visualizers for TStrings and Date/Time datatypes
  • Drag and Drop existing breakpoints to new locations

Database/DataSnap Enhancements Since Delphi 7[]

  • Complete re-architecting of the dbExpress framework
    • dbExpress MetaData classes allow for programmatic control of databases
  • New DataSnap architecture with Server Methods
    • No COM Dependencies
    • Support for any server method using dbExpress type system
    • Support for filtering of stream between client and server
    • HTTP and TCP/IP connectivity
    • Server callbacks
  • MIDAS.DLL source code included
  • New Crossplatform database framework FireDAQ including drivers for SQLite und NoSQL databases
  • dbExpress Driver Support for
    • Firebird 1.5 and 2.0
    • Oracle 10g and 11g
    • MS SQL Server 2000, 2005, and 2008

Third Party Updates[]

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