This is the original posting from the Delphi Newsgroups by Peter Morris:  
 The guy who wrote this uses my deAudio components to convert human-voice WAV 
 files to MP3.  He then creates lip sync'd mouth positions from the audio, and 
 finally uses his Delphi written application to create a flash movie of a fully 
 animated head moving as if it were the one talking in the audio file.  
 The head moves left and right, up and down, blinks, all sorts of natural 
 movements.  I think it looks really realistic.  Now that's certainly one thing 
 I wouldn't know how to do in Delphi, I was really impressed when I saw what my
 components were helping to create!
 What I don't understand though, is why someone would put all that hard work 
 into something and then give it away completely free of charge :-S  
 I'm quite tempted to have one of these heads talking on my next flash movie
 tutorial for ECO Modeler.  I think it would look quite impressive.  Maybe all
 BdnTV animations should have them  :-)
 -- Pete ==== ECO Modeler, Audio compression components, DIB graphics 
 controls, FastStrings

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