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Highlander is the code name for the version of Delphi that will support .NET 2.0, probably to be released as CodeGear Developer Studio 2007

As news becomes available about Highlander information will be added here.

NOTE: Just because a feature is/has been listed here doesn't mean it will appear in Highlander. This information is obtained from Borland presentations or audiocasts and hasn't necessary been committed to by Borland.

Release schedule for Highlander:

  • Originally planned for "shortly after Microsoft's .NET 2.0 release".
  • Now, slated for 2nd half 2007 release. See new roadmap.

Features that Borland has planned for Highlander:

  • VCL for .NET 2.0.
  • ECO for VCL.NET
 Originally mentioned by Michael Swindell on BDNRadio, "DeXter and the Delphi roadmap," 
 when asked when ECO for VCL.NET was planned for.  This can be read in the
 transcript here.
 Now shown in roadmap mentioned above. CodeGear Q&A

Features that may be in Highlander:

  • Full .NET 2.0 support (Generics, etc.).

Features no longer planned for Highlander:

  • VCL for Compact Framework. (reference [1])

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