Delphi Programming

Switch Shortcut for Description Available Example
-ns "no splash" Skips the splash screen at startup Delphi 2 and later Delphi32.EXE -ns
-np "no project" Tells Delphi not to open an empty project on startup Delphi 5 and later Delphi32.EXE -np
-hm "Heap Monitor" Displays information in the IDE title bar regarding the amount of memory allocated using the memory manager. Displays the number of blocks and bytes allocated. Information gets updated when the IDE is idle. Delphi 3 and later Delphi32.EXE -hm
-attach Attach to running process This command-line is used to make Delphi a JIT debugger on Windows 95/98/NT. Delphi 4 and later Delphi32.EXE -attach
-r "registry root" This allows you to specify the root registry key to use when loading the IDE. Delphi 5 and later Delphi32.EXE -rNewRoot
-p "Personalities" This allows you to specify what personalities the IDE should load. Available personalities are "Delphi", "DelphiDotNet" and "CBuilder". BDS 2006 also supports "CSharp". Multiple personalities are separated by semicolons. Delphi/C++Builder 2006 and later BDS.EXE -pDelphi;CBuilder

Note: These command-line switches are case-insensitive and can be prefixed with either - or /.