Delphi Programming

There are many components available on the Internet that come as a single .pas file rather than a complete package project. This is how to install these:

Delphi 1-7
Use the Components -> Install Component menu entry to install the component into the default dclusr-Package.
all Delphi versions
Create a new package using the File -> New -> Other menu entry, add the component's unit to that package, compile and install the package

Step by step instructions:

  1. File | New | Other... | Delphi Projects | Package, click OK
  2. Project | Add to Project [add units and/or Requires items]
  3. In Project Manager, right-click on Package1.bpl node and select <Install>

If you want the convenience of the old Delphi versions for Delphi 2005 and Delphi 2006 (and the Turbos): See Rudy Velthuis' VCL Component Installer. As of Delphi XE, this installer is part of the IDE again.

To automate this process, you need to

  1. compile the package and
  2. install the generated dcp file

For the first part, see Compile from Commandline, for the second, there are at least two tools available:

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