Delphi Programming

If you have enabled Together support for your project, you can use the model view to do lots of cool things, like renaming methods or moving them to an ancestor class etc. But did you know that you could also

  • move a method to another, totally unrelated class?
  • move a class to another unit?

Both can be done by just dragging the item in question to were you want it. The IDE will not only move the declaration but also the implementation to the new place.

Unfortunately this usually results in some rather odd code formatting, but you already use a Code Formatter, don't you?

Also, moving a method to a different class will not adapt the implementation, so if you reference a property that the new class does not supply, your code will not compile. But still, this feature is very convenient.

What is not convenient is that dragging and dropping in the model view can become very cumbersome if your project is largish.