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Nick Hodges is a Senior Software Engineer at Advantage Management Systems.

He is the former Delphi and C#Builder Product Manager and latterly the R&D Manager. He joined in 2006 as part of the move to split the IDE business out of Borland into a separate company (first referred as Devco or DTG, then CodeGear). The CodeGear business was sold to Embarcadero who then quietly dropped the CodeGear branding from subsequent Delphi releases.

Nick Hodges was "let go" by Embarcadero from his position as R&D Manager for the Delphi product line in July 2010, a fact he confirmed himself in a forum post, ending days of speculation sparked by the disappearance of his name from the Embarcadero blog roll.

He wrote TSmiley and the iHateTheCapsLockKey utility and is a former member of TeamB.

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