Delphi Programming

This page contains a (partial) list of the standard design and run time packages shipped with Delphi as well as the units contained in each package.

Delphi 2009[]

Run time Packages[]

RTL.dcp (RTL120.bpl)
ActiveX AdoInt AnsiStrings AspTlb Character Classes ComAdmin ComConst
ComObj ComObjWrapper ComSvcs Contnrs ConvUtils Cpl DateUtils DwmApi
FlatSB Generics.Collections Generics.Defaults HelpIntfs ImageHlp IniFiles Mapi Masks
MaskUtils Math Msxml Mtx MultiMon Nb30 ObjAuto ObjComAuto
OleAcc OleDb OpenGL Registry RtlConsts ScktComp ShFolder StdConvs
StdVcl StrHlpr StrUtils SyncObjs SysConst System SysUtils Types
TypInfo UxTheme VarCmplx VarConv VarHlpr Variants VarUtils VclCom
WideStrings WideStrUtils ZLib ZLibConst

VCL.dcp (VCL120.bpl)
Consts ActnList AppEvnts AxCtrls ButtonGroup Buttons CaptionEdDockTree CategoryButtons
ClipBrd CmAdmCtl ComCtrls Controls Dialogs DockTabSet ExtActns ExtCtrls
ExtDlgs Forms Graphics GraphUtil Grids HtmlHelpViewer ImgList Imouse
ListActns Mask Menus OleConst OleCtnrs OleCtrls OleServer Printers
StdActns StdCtrls SvcMgr Tabs Themes ToolWin ValEdit WinHelpViewer

Design time Packages[]