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Unit[edit | edit source]

Description[edit | edit source]

The RTLVersion constant in de system unit provides you with information about the compiler series that the RTL belongs to and the patch number.

This information is important in scenario's where sourcecode needs to be maintained or recompiled or to check if the latest RTL patches for a certain compiler series are applied.

It takes the format xx.y where xx is the main compiler version and y is the revision number.

See the CompilerVersion Constant for further information on how to use it.

Technical Comments[edit | edit source]

Compiler RtlVersion
Delphi 10.4 Sydney 34
Delphi 10.3 Rio 33
Delphi 10.2 Tokyo 32
Delphi 10.1 Berlin 31
Delphi 10 Seattle 30
Delphi XE8 29
Delphi XE7 28
Delphi XE6 27
AppMethod 1 26.5(?)
Delphi XE5 26
Delphi XE4 25
Delphi XE3 24
Delphi XE2 23
Delphi XE 22
Delphi 2010 21
Delphi 2009 20
Delphi 2007 .NET 19(?)
Delphi 2007 18
Delphi 2006 18
Delphi 2005 17(*)
Delphi 8 .NET 16(*)
Delphi 7 15(*)
Delphi 6 14(*)
Delphi 5 13(*)
Delphi 4 12(*)
Delphi 3 10(*)
Delphi 2 9(*)
Delphi 1 8(*)

(*) These versions did not have a RtlVersion constant, it was introduced with Delphi ???

(?) If you can check the RtlVersion for these Delphi versions, please edit this table!

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