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  function RightStr(const AText: AnsiString; const ACount: Integer): AnsiString; overload;
  function RightStr(const AText: WideString; const ACount: Integer): WideString; overload;

The RightStr function takes 2 parameters. The first parameter is the source string and the second is an index integer which counts backwards from the end of the string.

The result is a substring at the very end of the source string with the length given in the second parameter.

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  SourceString, SubString: String;
  SubStringLength: Integer;
  SourceString := 'Delphi Wikia'; //string length is 12
  SubStringLength := 5;
  SubString := RightStr(SourceString, SubStringLength);
  ShowMessage(SubString); //will show 'Wikia'
  SubStringLength := 20; //length is more then the source string
  SubString := RightStr(SourceString, SubStringLength);
  ShowMessage(SubString); //will show the complete SourceString 'Delphi Wikia'

  SubStringLength := -1; 
  SubString := RightStr(SourceString, SubStringLength);
  ShowMessage(SubString); //If the SubStringLength is anything lower than 1 then then result will be empty

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