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TMainMenu encapsulates the functionality of a windows main menu that typically appears below the title bar of a window (i.e. File, Edit, Help, etc.).

This component provides a property editor to add TMenuItem objects that can be manipulated with captions, glyphs, check boxes and of course provides events for defining actions to take when the user clicks on the menu item.

To provide a main menu on a window simply drop a TMainMenu component onto the form. Double click on the component to open the property editor to define TMenuItem objects. Set the caption and on click event via the object inspector (press F11 to display).

Technical Comments[]

The main menu on a form is a property of the TForm that it is placed on. You may only have one assigned at a time. It is assigned by default the first time you place a TMainMenu on a form.

You may assign an TImageList component to the menu via the object inspector and place a glyph (bitmap image) next to an item by setting the TMenuItem's ImageIndex property to the corresponding image in the TImageList.


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