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Unit[edit | edit source]

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Description[edit | edit source]

TObjectList expands Tlist by adding the option to take ownership for the Tobject items added to the list through the use of the "OwnsObjects" property. Setting "OwnsObjects" to true will allow the object list to free the memory for each item in the list when the Tobjectlist is freed or removed from the list. Basic methods from Tlist such as add, delete, rearrange, locate, access, and sort remain accessible.

Technical Comments[edit | edit source]

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Examples[edit | edit source]

Procedure OwnedObjectDemo;
  MyObject: TObject;
  MyList: TObjectlist; 
  MyObject := TObject.Create;
  MyList := TObjectList.Create(True); // OwnsObjects is True.OwnsObjects by default is true so just MyList := TObjectList.Create; would be enough here.
  //operating code....
  MyList.Free; //MyObject is also freed since the TObjectList was created with the OwnsObjects property set to true. 

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