Delphi Programming

It doesn't help of course that there are three languages called Object Pascal (all related in a straight line).

  • The oldest: the OOP extensions proposed to the standard by Apple. (dynamical objectmodel, every method virtual)
  • TP's (static objectmodel) was also refered to as Object Pascal.
  • and the later classes based (dynamical) Delphi one. (which is apparantly based on the Apple proposal, but heavily modified)

The object pascal vs Delphi change has nothing to do with ansi standards. They already deviated for 4 delphi and 7 TP versions, and after Apple/CodeWarrior canceled pretty much the last major enduser standard pascal lines, and standard/ISO pascal was pretty much irrelevant, they would change the name because if ISO standards ? IMHO it was simply because of trademark issues, or negative associations with "Pascal" with older C centered users. (which is a whole FUD story in itself)