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The Delphi Hour with Nick Hodges is an internet based radio program that is scheduled to air most Wednesdays or Thursdays in the afternoon.

You can find more information at BDN chat. The Delphi Wiki was plugged by Nick on his July 26, 2006 show.

Episodes Archive[]

Title Date Description Developer Network
The Delphi Hour 1 July 12, 2006 The Inaugural Broadcast. mp3
The Delphi Hour 2 July 19, 2006 Interview with Mark Edington of the R&D Team. mp3
The Delphi Hour 3 July 26, 2006 Interview with Jacob Thurman of Castalia fame. mp3
The Delphi Hour 4 August 2nd, 2006 Interview with Chris Pattinson, DevCo R&D Manager. mp3
The Delphi Hour 5 August 9, 2006 DavidI and Michael Swindell talk about the Turbos. mp3
The Delphi Hour 6 August 16, 2006 Interview with Ray Konopka of Raize Software. mp3
The Delphi Hour 7 August 23, 2006 With Jason Vokes of the EMEA Region Team. mp3
The Delphi Hour 8 August 30, 2006 No guest, just questions from the field and mindless babbling. mp3
The Delphi Hour 9 September 6, 2006 Turbos released, a talk with DavidI. mp3
The Delphi Hour 10 September 20, 2006 Callins and students from Denmark. mp3
The Delphi Hour 11 October 4, 2006 Recap of the EKON conference mp3
The Delphi Hour 12 October 11, 2006 The Team talks about incoming Conferences and answers questions from listeners. mp3
The Delphi Hour 13 November 1, 2006 Benefits of upgrading, survey updates, .Net, and DevCo. mp3
The Delphi Hour 14 November 22, 2006 DevCo is now CodeGear. DavidI and Allen Bauer joins Nick and talk about the language. mp3
The Delphi Hour 15 November 29, 2006 . not available
The Delphi Hour 16 December 6, 2006 The Team takes questions from the listeners. mp3
The Delphi Hour 17 December 13, 2006 Video. Delphi Product Address. wmv stream
The Delphi Hour 18 December 20, 2006 Video. Database update, extra tools for registered users and questions. wmv stream
The Delphi Hour 19 January 3rd, 2007 Nick and DavidI talk about CodeGear and 2007. mp3
The Delphi Hour 20 January 10, 2007 Talk about programming training courses and improvements to the help system. mp3
The Delphi Hour 21 January 24, 2007 Hotfixes, Developer Network and future products. mp3
The Delphi Hour 22 January 31, 2007 Interview with Julian Bucknall (his book, his blog) and his current projects. mp3
The Delphi Hour 23 February 7, 2007 Nick, DavidI and Anders Ohlsson answers questions from the chat. mp3
The Delphi Hour 24 February 21, 2007 Delphi for PHP and Delphi 2007 for Win32 announced. cyberears link
The Delphi Hour 25 February 28, 2007 Nick talks with Joe Mele of Youseful Software. not available
The Delphi Hour 26 May 31, 2007 Special Two Hour Delphi Hour about Delphi 2007 for Win32 not available
The Delphi Hour 27 June 7, 2007 Update 1 for Delphi 2007 for Win32 and C++Builder 2007 released. mp3
The Delphi Hour 28 June 14, 2007 Discussion about the new Delphi and C++Builder Roadmap. mp3
The Delphi Hour 29 June 21, 2007 Updates to the Delphi Roadmap. Jeff Laflamme shows off his application framework. interwisemp3
The Delphi Hour 30 June 28, 2007 A chat with Nick Bradbury, creator of FeedDemon, TopStyle and HomeSite. interwisemp3
The Delphi Hour 31 July 12, 2007 A chat Phil Dorcas of Omega Airline Software, a scheduling software. interwisemp3
The Delphi Hour 32 July 19, 2007 Discussion with Cary Jensen about WinForms. interwisemp3
The Delphi Hour 33 July 26, 2007 Steve Kramer, creator of the G Framework, an open-source framework for Delphi Win32 interwisemp3
The Delphi Hour 34 August 2nd, 2007 Highlander gets closer and Nick goes through some of the features and improvements. mp3
The Delphi Hour 35 August 16, 2007 interwisezip
The Delphi Hour 36 August 23, 2007 interwise
The Delphi Hour 37 October 3rd, 2007 interwise
The Delphi Hour 38 November 1st, 2007 Marco Cantu talks about his book and his experience with interwise

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