Poor "classic" Visual Basic developers... I wonder if Microsoft will ever take heed to this petition. It's probably quite unlikely.....

CNET also had an article on this:

and eWeek:,1759,1774670,00.asp

and DevSource too:,1759,1777343,00.asp

And here's a blog entry that points to the link above as well:

Also, an interesting article on migrating from VB 6 to VB.NET. It's a tough job...

Abandoning the Fantasy of VB Migration Wizardry

More recently... Are VB6 users considering legal action?

Back in 1999 Bruce McKinney, the author of "Hardcore Visual Basic", declared his independence in this statement titled "A Hardcore Declaration of Independence":

He compared Visual Basic to Delphi. In some respects both languages fell short in his comparisons but he certainly spared no criticism for VB and appeared to side more with the approach taken with Delphi. He gave Delphi credit for being a powerful language- more powerful than Visual Basic.

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