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Turbo Delphi is an IDE by CodeGear. It's targeted at students, amateurs, individual professionals, and hobbyist programmers. It uses the Object Pascal/Delphi programming language. It was first announced on 8 August 2006. It became available for download on 5 September 2006.

There are two versions of Turbo Delphi, one which generates native Win32 applications (Turbo Delphi for Windows), and one that generates bytecode for the Microsoft .NET CLR. Each version comes in two editions, a free Explorer edition and a Professional edition at us$399. The Professional edition allows for extension and customization of the IDE and adding 3rd Party Components/Libraries.

Turbo "Studio"[]

While there is a limitation on the Turbo lineup that doesn't allow users to have more than one Turbo IDE installed, it was hinted that this limitation was technical and not intentional. It is possible to have more than one Turbo installed by using TurboMerger

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