Delphi Programming
  • Author: Peter Simon

If you use a database (tables) on a shared network, you can enhance efficiency by setting a number of properties of the TSession component. The TSession component manages a database session.

First of all, Session.PrivateDir should be assigned to a local directory, like C:\WINDOWS\TEMP (you can do this in the OnCreate event of your DataModule, for example). The PrivateDir will contain the result of a local Query (which is a table in itself), and a local table is of course much faster than a table on the network (LAN or otherwise).

Second, Session.NetFileDir should be assigned to the same physical value for every user, like 'X:\BORLAND.COM\BDE' (this also can be done during initialisation).

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  session.netfiledir:= 'X:\BORLAND.COM\BDE' ;