Delphi Programming

I'm xsintill and live in the Netherlands. Program software for a living using Delphi 6 and 2010. Privately I use Delphi 2009 and XE. You can find me a lot on the Dutch NLDelphi site.

Since february 2009 I have a new job. Luckily it's a job where I will still use Delphi. Some different big changes have come to my life also: I am married since 20-5-2008 to my lovely indonesian wife Yayang and the dutch government finally said she could come to the Netherlands and live with me. She is here now since the end of october 2008. Now she is pregnant and we are expecting twins. This has offcourse a lot of implications for my private life. Meaning I will not able to be too active in the wikia community. But I expect to be here more than I was the last couple of months.


Example VCL Template

Beginning Delphi

Capture Console Output Realtime To Memo