The New Versions of Devart dbExpress Drivers with Support for RAD Studio XE5 Released

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Devart is glad to present the new versions of dbExpress drivers – database-independent layers, that define common interface to provide fast access to Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, InterBase/Firebird, PostgreSQL, SQLite from Delphi and C++Builder on Windows and Mac OS X for both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.

The latest versions of Devart dbExpress drivers include the following significant features to provide high-performance database connectivity:

  • RAD Studio XE5 support

The new versions of dbExpress drivers include support for RAD Studio XE5, that gives Devart users an opportunity to develop their applications using the cutting-edge IDE for all the supported target-platforms: Win32, Win64 and Mac OS.

Miscellaneous features

  • Now dbExpress drivers also include support for Oracle 12c, PostgreSQL 9.3, MariaDB 5.x, SQLite engine v3.8.0.2, support for the latest revision of the Internet Protocol – IPv6, multiple improvements to increase performance in all Devart products. In addition, possibility to establish OCI and Direct connections in the same application is supported in dbExpress driver for Oracle.

Full information about the new features of dbExpress drivers can be fount on the products' page.

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To get full information about the new products' features, download a trial license or purchase the fully-functional product's license, users can visit the following pages:

dbExpress driver for Oracle 6.3                  [ Download ]

dbExpress driver for SQL Server 6.3           [ Download ]

dbExpress driver for MySQL 6.3                 [ Download ]

dbExpress driver for InterBase 4.3              [ Download ]

dbExpress driver for PostgreSQL 3.3          [ Download ]

dbExpress driver for SQLite 3.3                  [ Download ]

Every user, who wishes to provide feedback on the new versions, can do it on our forums or by e-mail. There is also a feedback form in the support zone of every product. Devart Team is always glad to have users' comments and take into account their development needs.

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