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With the emergence of digital platforms, the online dating market has flooded with a lot of applications and is still emerging. Modern technologies have completely changed the scenario of dating. Now, people are using mobile applications to find someone to date, to find their soulmate. Because of the growing demand of dating apps, dating app development service providers are actively working on how to create secure and trustworthy dating applications.

How to Create a Secure Dating Application?

Step 1. Analyze the Market

To start an online dating business, analyze the dating market on a priority basis. To check the current and future trends of the dating market do some analysis on google. You may take help from previous research. If your target market is the USA then have a look on below given numbers.

  • 20% of couples in the US date on digital platforms
  • 17% of online dating app users get engaged to someone they meet on a dating platform.
  • 60% of people ages 18 to 29 have used a dating website or app at least once
  • 66% of dating app users have gone on a date with a person they met online
  • $1.8 billion per year in online dating industry revenue

Step 2. Take in-depth Knowledge About the Benefits

Before starting any business, check the profitability and estimated ROI. Take in-depth knowledge about the benefits of developing dating apps and then choose a reliable company to design the application.

Step 3. Create the Structure and Design of a Dating App

After selection of the company, create a website structure and select an attractive and user-friendly design. Always choose a SEO friendly website structure and design so that you can promote your application on digital platforms efficiently.

Step 4. Add Important Features to Your Dating App

Features play an important role in app development. Mostly people look for a dating app like Tinder, Happn and Badoo. These apps are having user-friendly design with advanced level features including chatting, matching, push notifications and many other advanced features.

Step 5. Choose a monetization strategy

Beside making a free application, monetize your application. There are a lot of ways that can be used to monetize the app such as paid subscriptions, freemium, ads, gifts and third party services and so on.

Above mentioned are the 5 magical steps to create a dating app. In, USA Mobiweb Technologies USA is a pioneer player in the field of dating app development that delivers state of the art security features in dating mobile applications to overcome the fear of data piracy. Dating app solution contains location based suggestions, search functionality with filters, calendar integration, live video chatting, offline access, notifications and real time alerts, personal security features and so on.

Other than dating app development services, Mobiweb has expertise in developing software for below mentioned industries

  • Fantasy sports app development
  • Sports betting
  • Healthcare
  • Social media
  • Fantasy cricket
  • Casino software
  • Ludo game
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  • Fantasy cricket


Before investing in the online dating business, you should take care of the above mentioned steps that will help you to take the decision at the right time and in the right place. In the blog, we have also discussed the popularity of dating apps. So now, If you have a dating app idea in your mind, 2021-22 could be the perfect time to start with.