Delphi Programming
  • Most importantly: Don't overdo it and burn yourself out. Make only a few changes/additions a day.
  • It is important to keep the layout of the articles in the wiki consistent. To this end, the following guidelines will help explain how the VCL documentaion is intended to be laid out.
  • Please do not be put off adding to the documentation because of these guidelines. As long as you get the text into the document, someone else will be happy to format it correctly.
  • Please do not start discussions about the object in the documentation page itself. Use the discussion tab of the relevant page you want to discuss.

Unit Section[]

  • This section should always appear first.

Hierarchy Section[]

  • This section describes the ancestors of the class.
  • This section only appears for classes.

Description Section[]

  • This should be a brief textual description of what the object is.
  • When Borland have created the official online documentation a link will be provided to the relevant object in the official documentation.

Technical Comments[]

  • This section is for people to document things that do not appear in the official documentation.
  • Known issues in specific versions of Delphi should be listed here.

Examples Section[]

This section should contain links to examples on the use of the object. Putting examples in the page itself will make it too long.[]

See Also Section[]

  • This section should contain links to related items in this wiki, in the official documentation, in other Web pages etc.

User Comments/Tips Section[]

  • This section is a general area for people to leave useful comments and tips about the object.
  • Please sign your comment with four tildes (~~~~).
  • Remember not to start a discussion here. Use the discussion tab to discuss the contents of the page or use the forums for general/specific discussions about objects.

More Guidelines[]

  • See Help:Contents for more generic guidelines not specific to the VCL documentation.