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Xxm overview1

xxm overview

xxm is a Delphi web platform, but specifically not intended for a rapid application development environment. It is inspired by other solutions for dynamic websites such as PHP, ASP and Cold Fusion, that combine HTML and server-side logic into the same source files. Except instead of parsing the scripts when processing a incoming requests, xxm generates Object Pascal code and uses the speed and power of the Delphi compiler to build a library to run the website. This same library is transportable to several web-platforms that have specific xxm handlers: IIS, Apache, a plain HTTP process, a CGI host, but also direct into an Internet Explorer IInternetProtocol implementation.

How does it work:[]

A pre-processor converts xxm files, with a combination of HTML and Object Pascal, into Delphi files, and uses the Delphi command line compiler to generate a library that is ready for use by any of the xxm handlers. xxm Development handlers do this when changes to xxm files are detected, which enables testing changes by hitting refresh in the browser.